Bans and appeals

Bans and appeal policy
If you get autorestricted due to cheat detection or high pp gain you have to do a liveplay. A valid liveplay will show pc startup, task manager before and after a play, show area of keyboard and tablet/mouse and you must attempt to set a score similar to the one that got you restricted. If you were restricted for any other reason please dm mty#0001 and she will assist you with what to do as it is different with every case.
Strike System This is how the strike system works.
Cheating now uses a 3 strike system.
1st time: 1 month long restriction + wipe of the cheated gamemodes 2nd time: 3 month restriction + full wipe of the account 3rd time: Permanent but appealable ban
Multiaccounting adopts a similar system to cheating. Every single time will result with the permanent ban of the multiaccount.
1st time: 15 day restriction on the main account 2nd time: 1-1.5 month restriction on the main account 3rd time: Permanent but appealable restriction on the main account
In-game Toxicity
Each case of toxicity that is seen as going over the line will be met with an in-game silence (and Discord mute if it occurs here). The silence times will increase exponentially and will begin at 1 hour.